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@Mnementh @mZuzek 

Fuuuuck that was a lot.

First, I have to apologise, I messed up a little and completely forgot that in order for Bandorr to restore posts, they need to have been edited at least once, that is entirely on me, he told me that once before already but I completely forgot, essentially VGC has two tables databases, the Message table being the one deleted but it also has an Edit Message table which can recover comments if we know the ID.

Due to that, we could only restore one post in the 2018 thread though that method.

So instead we came up with another idea to insert 10 empty posts into the thread at the start, all under Mzuzek still, a bit tricky because there are valid post IDs to navigate but since we have the post IDs above and we knew those ones were definitely Mzuzek's we just assigned those post IDs to the newly created comments then I went into Wayback Machine and copied everything over.

If I've made any mistakes in the copy/pasting then I apologise, I'll let you look it over and see if everything is okay before moving onto 2019. Likely won't do it all in one day though, it was a decent amount of effort just for one thread But I think we should be able to restore 2019 with the same method and most of 2020/2021.

Thanks a lot to @Bandorr 

Hopefully I've explained that well.


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