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Mnementh said:
Ryuu96 said:

I'll have a word with Bandorr as he has restored individual posts in the past but it's a tedious process, one at a time, I can't guarantee that a post can be restored either, I don't want to get anyone's hopes up and Bandorr is really busy right now helping Trunks with something so I don't know when he can do it.

However...It'd be a lot of help if we had some information relating to the posts, Bandorr needs a way to indicate which post it was in the table...The direct URL link to the post would be ideal, basically the Post ID#...Unique text will also help if you can remember any but it'd have to be pretty dang unique.

Could you show me at least which OPs/Threads are still missing?

I can't guarantee anything though...Likely we won't be able to have enough data but we can still try.

OK, it is about mZuzeks posts. 2017 the event was still hosted by Leadified, so it is 2018 onwards. And the result threads are the ones that actually are important, as they contain the results *duh*. As mZuzek links it always, I can easily find the threads, the posts in question will be more difficult. Also as a complication, mZuzek puts the results in multiple posts at the beginning of each thread, so not only a single OP to restore, sorry. See 2022 as a reference (it was after the attack, so it is complete).


We'll see what we can do.

Pretty awkward that it's multiple posts though, Lol.

But then I'm thinking...If Mzuzek was fast enough, if we find the OP's Post ID then surely the follow-up post IDs will just be next in line?

Like if the OP Post ID is 1010 then the next post is more than likely 1011.

Just thinking out loud, Lol.

Last edited by Ryuu96 - on 19 February 2023