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I'm sure everyone knows by now but in case anyone is expecting them to come back, I was informed already a few weeks back that the 700,000+ lost forum posts and however many wall posts won't be returning due to the complexity of the issue, I'm sure everyone already guessed as much since it has been months now but in case anyone is still holding out hope, best to kill that hope.

It sucks, especially since it primarily affected recently active users, it also leaves us with a number of issues, from threads missing their OPs or dozens, if not hundreds of comments, to users walls having missing comments in conversations, a few pieces of data vanished for important threads and Mod history is totally fucked for some users because it now links to either the wrong post or nothing.

I've had an extreme idea running around in my head which I've not discussed with anyone else seriously of just blanket resetting the forums, clearing everyone's post history, clearing all threads, starting from 0 posts, 0 wall comments, 0 threads, 0 points, etc. For everyone, including giving everyone a fresh start in their Mod history as well but Perm'd users remaining Perm'd.

Probably way too extreme of a reaction, I'm just a person who both likes fresh starts and hates knowing there is a big mess somewhere and I definitely constantly feel like there's a big mess on the forums now, Lol. Lost my Community OT. God knows what Community threads anyway, OP of PS Nation is still missing, Rules list is missing, a lot of data from the previous Website Development thread is deleted, etc.

Don't panic anyone who hates the idea, I haven't even discussed it with any Admin, I don't even know if it's feasible, I'm speaking as a user here.