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The whole deal of boycotting this game is largely kind of missing a larger picture that surrounds the industry. The Saudi Kingdom (and the CCP for that matter) commits far more terrible crimes against marginalized groups than JK Rowling does. The Saudi Kingdom gets a part of the profits made by Nintendo, Capcom and Actibliz to name a few.

Not wanting to fund JK Rowling, because of LGBQT rights is all good and well. Bullying/harassing people who do like Girlfriend reviews is not. Taking issue with only this game, but not with games funding the Saudi Kingdom or another corrupt person/regime just makes you a hypocrite imo.

As for my take on trans and the whole LBQT as a whole live and let live. Don't go out of your way to harass/hurt people. If you are trans and want to express yourself, fine by me it's a basic human right after all. Playing and enjoying a videogame that doesn't break any laws however is also a right people have.

This sums it up pretty well, fun fact JK Rowling also has contacts with the big N. Enjoy boycotting all revenue streams of JK Rowling.

Last edited by Qwark - on 18 February 2023

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