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Since the last thread was f*cked by the hacker and had half its posts deleted, along with information on bug fixes and whatnot, I thought we might as well start fresh, I've made the decision to recreate it since Talon isn't around to do so himself, if he returns then he can create another one so this could be temporary but I wanted a place for now to store suggestions, bug fixes, etc. Until hopefully the time comes where we get more support.

I'll be real with you though, I can't promise that everything with be dealt with, all we have at the moment is one Admin coder but in case that changes I'll create a handy table here for peoples suggestions and maybe for some more critical fixes, Bandorr can fix them in the immediate future. I've also a personal interest in creating this thread, I wanted to run some of my own ideas not discussed with other Admins to gauge community reactions.

Issue Fixed?
Visual Bug on Console Hardware Chart

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