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Zippy6 said:
Shadow1980 said:

As was explained, people are boycotting this game over Rowling's transphobia. It is specifically the dismissal toward or insulting of concerns over her bigotry that will bannable.

So we can express the opinion that she is transphobic or a biggot but are not allowed to express an opinion counter to that.

That sure is what it reads like to me. Personally I find it offensive that people are attacking JK simply because she wants to protect female safe spaces like women's restrooms, women's prisons, mental hospital female only wards, women's locker rooms, etc., from possible abuse by men pretending to be women. We have stories like these out there and you wonder why some women are scared out of their minds right now:

Just a few weeks ago, 12 Time NCAA All-American Swimmer Riley Gaines, who competed against transgender swimmer Lia Thomas, was in tears as she talked about how Lia, a 6'4" trans woman with male genitalia still intact, dropped her pants right in front of the biological women, exposing her male genitalia to them. 

Edit: I do fully acknowledge these are "a few bad apples spoil a bunch" type stories. I acknowledge that there are plenty of good transgender people out there who just want to live their lives as normally as possible. They have transitioned to the point where it is no longer safe for them to use the restroom of their birth sex, and the same goes for prisons and such as well. A trans woman who looks 80-90% like a biological a woman is no safer in a male prison or locker room, than the women in a women's prison or locker room are safe with a female identifying male in there with them. We need to be looking for some kind of middle ground here by opening special trans only wards in prisons, those special all gender restrooms with locking doors, trans only sport leagues and classifications, etc., we need to make everyone as happy as possible, not infringe on one group's rights at the cost of another group's rights. Just my two cents. 

Anyway, I will post no more on this subject, especially if it is going to get me banned. 

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 17 February 2023