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JWeinCom said:
IcaroRibeiro said:

No please... It's better that way, much more democratic. Most people just cannot afford to buy hardware every couple of years, why should we remove them the right of playing games that could be perfectly playable on their machines only to give the satisfaction of richer people to have their "exclusivity"?

Like, I've played Horizon Forbidden West and it's for sure run much better on my PS4 than it runs on my 11 years cousin PS4, but the still can play it. Would my experience with Horizon became any better if Horizon was absent from PS4? Not, doubt it. But this kid would probably be much less happy knowing he would have to wait for maybe 4 years to play Horizon again. 

The thing is that in the past, games were not only on new consoles because they wanted to force people to buy new consoles (even if that was part of it), but because there were new experiences that were only possible on those consoles. You could not make Street Fighter 2 on an NES, Sonic the Hedgehog on a Master System, or Super Mario 64 on an SNES, Final Fantasy X on PS1, Dead Rising on a Gamecube (although they kind of did try), etc. Even if you could technically make ports, they would have to be modified to the point where they were entirely different experiences (see Sonic the Hedgehog on Game Gear, Dead Rising on Wii, etc.) Back in the day, we were paying for entirely new experiences.

Nowadays it feels like we're paying for optimized experiences. It's been a while since I've played a game on any console that I felt could not have been fairly approximated on older hardware. Maybe something like No Man's Sky which is procedurally generated couldn't have been done on 360, but those examples are few and far between. I haven't played anything yet on the SxBox or PS5 that couldn't be done with small compromises on their predecessors.

So, while I'd rather companies port to older hardware when it was feasible, it feels like the value I get from a new console is less and less each generation. It used to be like going from a Motorolla Flip phone to an iPhone. Now it's like going from a Samsung Galaxy 18 (or whatever they're on) to a 19. And if it's worth it to you great, but for me, it's kind of meh. 

This is true for early gen games. I don't know how could I possible play Final Fantasy 7 remake on PS3... eventually the games coming that are not possible to run in a nice state on PS4 will come too. Any game with flying exploration currently is been pushed back by older hardware loading times, imagine playing the next Horizon with even faster flying? An absolute dream. Also games more cinematic are now able to express more detail on characters expression/acting which make a huge difference

I think it's OK to delay the purchase of new hardware until you find that the enhancements are good enough to justify a purchase, but I do not want exclusivity to be back as the standard. First it will take TIME for those games to be made. PS5 is now out for over 2 years and will take a while for devs know how to fully use it. If development for next-gen only games started let's say in 2018 and we needed to wait until we have a meaningful exclusive library for launch then PS5 would likely not coming until the end of this year, basically restricting the best experience for current AAA games to PC gamers while console gamers would need to wait for years