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Playing Hogwarts Legacy currently

Very good game, atmospheric and fidelity configuration seems the way to go if you want mass immersion. The game loses nothing played on 30 FPS, as combat is kinda of static and many of the games resolves on exploration and cutscenes

Fast travel REALLY means it: Fast

I got two or three times where I feel the graphics were loading slower than they should, generally when I'm going outdoors. Feels like a game that will be a pain to play on Switch, my advice is to play it on a home console if you can. It's not the kind of game that benefits in any form from portable playing and having a big TV with high Res can make you appreciate all the minimum details done in the environment

I never played a game with so many beautiful artistic design choices. All stores, internal buildings, rooms, doorways, balconies and squares has some mystery to uncover interacting with magic from furniture, objects, statues, paintings... Seems like a game designed to appease Harry Potter fans who always imagined how nice would be to live in the Wizarding world. I wonder how many years were spent designing each location, let alone modeling and developing animation for each one (because everything looks just alive, as if it were... magic)