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RolStoppable said:
mZuzek said:


And if you mean sales... Yeah Wind Waker sold around half of Twilight Princess' numbers... on a userbase roughly 6 times smaller.

Of course I am talking about sales when I respond to a post that was talking about sales. The Wind Waker sold about half of what Ocarina of Time sold to a userbase that was only 1.5 times bigger, so you botched your attempt at bringing userbase into this. But the thing is that an IP like Zelda is supposed to sell the hardware itself, so the userbase argument doesn't make all too much sense to begin with. Remember how Switch was doomed because it had only one good launch game in Breath of the Wild? That didn't matter, because BotW was deemed to be so good that people bought the console for just that one game without having any regrets or the need to think twice about that. Ocarina of Time sold N64 hardware, but The Wind Waker fell flat because people were put off by the artstyle.

Now as for the Tears of the Kingdom trailer, it's not looking good for the sequel to Breath of the Wild. The trailer looked like an effort to hide things while being meant to sell tons of preorders before gamers catch on what's up and lose interest. When you compare this to Breath of the Wild where Nintendo was so proud of the game that they built their entire E3 booth around it, it's like night and day. It appears that Aonuma strikes again by creating a blend of the two latest Zeldas, just like The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess got meshed together to result in Skyward Sword. Nintendo shows us the world of Breath of the Wild, but doesn't want us to show the new defining aspects of Tears of the Kingdom; it seems their sales department knows what's up, hence why we got the trailer we got.

Or you know, it's just another way to tease the playerbase before the obvious Direct showcase, TOTK will have. What would be the point of blowing everything now when they can simply hold it for a bit longer for a dedicated presentation. 

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