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I was dinking around on the interwebs and found a bit of information regarding Sonic movie 3's production:

  • Paramount already has an actor eyed and offered the role for Shadow the Hedgehog, but quote, "they haven't heard back from him." This is probably corporate speak for "we can't say who it is yet because we're under gag orders (like every actor ever asked if they're in said movie)".
    • They also said it's a Hollywood actor. That should come as no surprise given Knuckles' casting (they only brought back Colleen to voice Tails because they already had her on deck to voice him in the Sonic 1 post-credits scene).
  • They're considering featuring Crush 40 in the movie (Live and Learn please!).

Any wild guesses as to who they reached out to for the role of Shadow? If I had to guess, I'd say it's Keanu. I could totally see him as the voice of Shadow. He also recently voiced Batman in the DC League of Super-Pets movie.

I also wonder if they plan to have the casting reveal (whoever it may be) coincide with the Sonic Prime S2 official release date reveal. I wouldn't be surprised, after all, they did end on this S1 cliffhanger:

"Home doesn't exist, anymore BECAUSE OF YOU!" has become my new flavor of the day/month/year meme, LOL.

Last edited by KManX89 - on 07 February 2023