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I don't think a revision model at this point moves the needle much either, the Switch OLED is pretty much the most refined iteration of the Switch concept, all the issues with the original Switch had been more or less addressed and the OLED display is gorgeous. It's refined, it feels premium, frankly there's just not a lot you can add to it. 

The Switch Lite is good enough for the lower end market, not really seeing what you can do there. Yeah you could add a smaller OLED screen to the Lite I guess but that's just going to make it more expensive which kind of works against the whole point of having a cheaper, lower end model. 

There's not really a big opening I think for a new model revision unless you are changing the actual hardware for a hardware boost but that introduces a host of different problems including new games that may not work on older models and Nvidia expecting to be paid probably a lot. Don't think you really want to oversaturate the market too much at this point either because you're muddying the waters for a Switch successor. 

It's just too late for a minor Switch Pro type of thing at this stage anyway, that needed to have been out 1-2 years ago. 

3 major hardware revisions is generally enough for any piece of hardware, when you're getting into like revision 4, 5, etc. it's getting a bit ridiculous.

Sales decline is normal, all good things come to an end, when you're approaching the 6th anniversary of any hardware, you have to expect you are in the decline phase unless you have like an equivalent to Pokemon born on the Game Boy but the odds of a new IP coming out of nowhere is microscopically small, and really Nintendo was trying to replace the Game Boy by 1995/96, lol, Project: Atlantis (supposed to be the 32-bit successor to the Game Boy) just had too many hardware issues for the time that it couldn't be released. 

I think Nintendo has a lot of hopes on the Mario movie being a hit and that translating to something that keeps sales at a decent level, we'll see. 

Last edited by Soundwave - on 07 February 2023