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Soundwave said:
javi741 said:

Hard to believe that Bloomberg report of Switch production increasing tbh, it seems like all indications are pointing towards demand slowing down after Nintendo dropped their forecast again. The switch should be on the decline so it might be time to consider price cuts or new models. A Switch TV-only console would be nice and IMO more appealing than the Switch lite since many Switch players play a lot of local multiplayer games like MK,Smash,etc and may only care about the TV experience of the Switch so it could be another cheap option. The much higher sales of the Switch/Oled compared to the Lite show that many people prioritize playing on the TV.

It looks like Nintendo cut their fiscal year forecast for Switch from 19 million to 18 million, so it looks like Bloomberg got it wrong. 

Bloomberg was referring to the next fiscal year, not this one. But even then it's hard to believe.