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Kai_Mao said:
Soundwave said:

It's a cost/effort ratio, there are games that probably could be on the current Switch like Madden, but it's not worth the effort to EA to have to heavily cutomize the game. The Witcher 3 took 1+ year to port to the Switch for example. 

If you have better hardware which allows porting to be easier, then it becomes a no brainer. If it means they have to make a customized version of Madden just to sell maybe 300k-500k copies, that's not worth it to them that's why the current Switch doesn't have it. But if the next Switch can easily run the Frostbite engine, then the effort involved in porting it drops a lot. 

And I think Microsoft's buyout will go through. 

History isn't really the best basis for what games the Switch successor can get either. Nintendo has no history with Witcher titles or Overwatch or Persona main line games or Diablo or Skyrim/Elder Scrolls or Metro or Crysis or Final Fantasy VII prior to this gen, and yet the Switch has installments now in all of those franchises. Switch did also get GTA Trilogy which is the first time the main line GTA games have ever been on a Nintendo platform. 

The other difference too is even relative to the Wii/DS, the Switch is selling way more software. Software attach rate is higher and the adult demographic of the platform is even larger ... so I think 3rd parties will look at when making decisions on whether to support the next Switch as well. 

I get what you’re saying and I hope you’re right. I think if the Switch successor is close to high end PS4 in terms of capabilities on a hybrid, then bigger third party developers don’t have as many excuses anymore. Sure, I could see FFXVI be a little too powerful for such a successor, but FFVIIR and possibly Rebirth should have a chance on the potential successor. Same with the upcoming DQXII, even though we haven’t seen any gameplay footage yet.

And you do have a point regarding many firsts on Switch. It’s amazing how many IPs from Overwatch, Diablo, The Witcher, GTA (mainline), Wolfenstein, Doom, Nier, Persona, etc., have made their way onto Switch when previous Nintendo consoles weren’t as lucky to have as many strong third party IPs. Even Devil May Cry made its way into Switch, even though it’s only up to the first three games.

If the successor and its potential software are selling well and the successor is as powerful as rumored/leaked and easy to port, then big third party developers will need to come up with some lame excuse not to port bigger games on the successor.

FFXIV (the online one) should be possible as well, we'll see about XVI I guess, I think a lot depends on how the Switch successor uses DLSS, if the current Switch had about the same raw horsepower but could utilize DLSS even at low resolutions like 360p, I think more devs would be open to porting, because you could get away with like 360p undocked and only 600p docked and it would be fine. I think a lot of devs don't want to bother to port on the Switch as is because it would be a blurry mess if you went down to resolutions but DLSS can make 360p look like an HD image (720p albiet) on a small size screen especially. 

Also I'll be honest FF16 doesn't look like a massive leap beyond FF7R even on PS4/PS4 Pro. 

The next Dragon Quest is a lock for the Switch successor and I think they will even make a separate version for the OG Switch if they have to, just like the 3DS got its own version of DQ12. 

One other thing I could see .... Monster Hunter World 2 on Switch 2 ... I know Capcom likes to separate the World/Rise, but lets be honest, a MHW game on the Switch would probably clear 8-10 million copies, that's just too much money to say no to.