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pikashoe said:

I'm surprised to see this episode seems quite devisive online.

Clearly you're not gay.

I instinctively knew exactly where to look for the dissenting opinions, as the Metacritic user review sections is reliable in its...oh let's just politely call it political imbalance. Let's take a look at some of the heavily up-voted comments on the very first page of Long Long Time's MC user reviews and see if we can find any patterns in what the detractors are objecting to:

Example 1, from TruArtS9: "This full of LGBT episode doesn't add anything new to the world of the series, they could have spent 80 mins showing animals striving to survive during the apocalypse and that might be of more interest. Why LGBT? Why not show some straight couple? This all makes no sense, but to please the certain auditory. Jeez, how the modern TV has fallen down."

Example 2, from zagrey: "...The problem is not even pushing agenda itself. Its a total imbalance of screentime..."

Example 3, from Bawa: "disgusting rainbow washing. ..."

Example 4, from Tim Sikes: "Stop with the propaganda and woke culture idiotism! Everything was made to promote gay agenda. This episode was literally a filler and a waste of time! 0 out of 10"

Example 5, from yuriysemenov6: "LGBT propoganda, why i should watching this, In the game it was just a small hint, but here they devoted an entire episode to this. It was really unpleasant for me to watch this, not all people support this, why are you imposing this madness!"

Example 6, from slabikusq75: "The whole episode is just a filler. You can skip it and you lose nothing. And it is a pure and intentional LGBT propaganda in all it's beauty. This episode ruins a storytelling pace and steals the time from main characters.I'm disappointed in this TV adaptation as much as I love an original game."

Example 7, from kathanorn: "So far worst episode that brings nothing to the story but only purpose for that is to please certain agenda. Okay the scenery is beautiful and music is top notch, yet Neil butchered his very own story."

Example 8, from bobcarlos: "It's not about the game. This is about ideology. Watching that was one of the most embarrassing things in my life."

I could go on much longer with these examples, but I think you get the picture of what people's real objection here is to. Some things never change. I wonder if this controversy would still exist if Bill was heterosexual. *scratches chin* Hmmm...!