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the-pi-guy said:


It was a great stand alone, but it's largely inconsequential for the series. Joel and Ellie don't end up interacting with Frank/Bill. Most of the episode doesn't really move the story forward, and only exists to give more context to characters that are no longer part of the show. 

In a weird way:

- it's amazing by itself.

- arguably bad as part of a series.

- probably really good for people who played the game, and wanted more background on how Joel and Bill knew each other.

I think the main point of it is the juxtaposition of Bill and Joel as protectors - men with hearts gone cold who find new purpose through others. As such, it's also a great profile extension on Joel as a character. I understand why some might see it as pointless to dive into digressions from the game's main plot and characters, but I personally love the extra love and care put into this.