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So Switch ended up being about 20% down which is a significant drop but nearly 20m is still excellent for its age however this should be the last year its on top since even with that report of them increasing production I don't see things changing much unless demand somehow stops declining. 2023 will be 15m at most I think.

PS5 had a really disappointing year due to stock issues having a very large impact particularly in the first half but it still ended up being up for the year after being down a lot months ago so with the stock issues finally mostly over it'll be up a lot for 2023 and might even start catching up with the PS4 due to Europe finally getting at least ok stock.

Xbox Series did overall well being the only system up but after adjustments that just happened it was up significantly less than expected due to the 2nd half of the year not being strong. The awful software lineup is clearly having an impact and now that most people can at last buy a PS5 2023 is kinda a make or break year if they wanna have a shot of doing more than just somewhat better than the Xbox One did. A lot rides on what happens with ABK and the reception to Starfield.

Overall for sure not a great year due to stock issues but 2023 should be notably better.

Last edited by Norion - on 25 January 2023