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VAMatt said:
siebensus4 said:

Keep in mind that Nintendo denied new hardware at E3 2019 (June), announced Switch Lite at July 10th 2019 and released it 2 months later September 20th 2019.

The same with Switch OLED model. Announced July 6th and released 3 months later October 8th 2021.

So if we see a new model, it should be announced 2 or 3 months before the release. Zelda TOTK releases May 12th. So there could be an annoucement in February or March this year without a lot of rumors ahead.

If you mean a minor revision to the existing Switch then sure, that's possible (I'd still bet against it, given market and supply chain conditions). I thought we were talking about a Switch successor. 

Beat me to the punch.  Switch OLED is nice, I have one, but it isn't exactly 'new' hardware.  Same product just with a better screen.  

A few staunchly believed we were getting a significant hardware upgrade with Tears of a Kingdom...  I just don't get how anybody could think that anymore.  There is no evidence other than people want a stronger Switch.