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Despite my issues with the game on series s, 900 p resolution, capped at 30fps, and some grain/noise issues, I have to give some credit. Some of the landscapes and enviromental detail is among the best i've ever seen. The amound of objects on screen that's rendered in real time, along with the massive draw distance and ultra realistic lighting is astonishing.

I'll give an example of a stand out scenario. Being out in outdoor and getting to a mountain. Normally in a game, there will be a few layers out into the distance and a plane image back drop and those layers aren't all rendered. Well in this game theyre all rendered, and the cliff in the mountain, intead being that plane flat image, it's actually rendered in 3d. The effect the overall scene gives is on par with real life. It gives the illusion of the objects being real, so as you're walking towards it, visually you can make out the depth of the draw distance and it actually feels far ot close, becaause every time you step forward or move left and right, everything is rendered in. This was something I was hoping for for next gen, realistic depth of field/draw distance and being able to feel distance. I can now look out at a far away object and the mind interprets it like it would in real life. I'm not sure i've come across this level of realism before, except for maybe in a scen in returnal or death stranding. 

Trying to describe doesn't do much justice, but seeing it in person is astonishing.