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Slownenberg said:
JackHandy said:

Now see... THAT would be a remake lol. I'm the type of person who doesn't buy remakes because I like to play the games as they were originally released. But if Nintendo went THIS far with it, I would definitely buy in. Not so much because I think it would better the original experience, but because it would actually feel fresh and different.

Same. I wouldn't normally buy a remake of a game unless its a game I would love to play back through and have no access to it anymore.

But a remake that is actually a modern build of an old game idea would be interesting. Like instead of just making OoT with modern graphics and perhaps a few quality of life updates, which is what remakes normally are, if they actually built OoT as if it was a new modern Zelda, that would be cool. Like, huge world much larger than OoT had, a ton more things to do, new plot points and elements of the quest, new mechanics, and obviously modern graphics, while still telling the same basic story. More like a re-telling than a remake...that'd I'd be down for.

We've got of FF VII to say that I would personally not advocate for the idea. There's a reason why faithful remakes exist and it's simply to mess up the core of the experience that was there at first. 

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