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chakkra said:
KratosLives said:

Yeah if your on a tight budget and can't afford games, it's good to have gamepass, but having all those multiplats come as exclusive, for the serious gamer out there who has no problem buying games, it means less overall exclusives compared to if there is no aquisition.

Picture this. There is no acquisition,  and with microsoft already getting questioned over the lack of exclusives, and needing to step it up,  will have to invest and push out exclusives to keep up with sony and the complaints. So ontop of microsoft putting out exclusives, you then have all these multiplat games coming from activision /blizzard, on top, for a bigger count.

If the aquision goes through, more of the multiplat titles will now take the place of some of the " would have arrived" exclusives from xbox. So that's less overall potential exclusives in the end. 

Microsoft will have to market the exclusives from the aquisition,  as their own games.  And with that 68 billion spent, what incentive would they have to go out and spend more money on exclusives.

Okay.. let me see if I understand this; so you are saying that it would be better for Xbox owners if Microsoft started today creating 10+ studios from scratch, and then start seeing the fruits of said studios in the next 5 years at minimum.. instead of, you know, playing Diablo and COD day one this year..

Huh.. Going by that logic, I guess it would have been better for PS owners if Sony had started a new studio from scratch 4 years ago instead of purchasing Imsoniac.

Cod, diablo 99% of other games were going to be released on xbox day one regardless of the aquisition. So yes i'd love it if microsoft took first party/ third party exclusives  seriously, and from 3 to 4 years took on the Initiative to try get on sony's level and bring on the exclusives for the series s/x, so I can play them , along with the many other thirds party offering , that were coming.