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I'm not surprised that Nintendo is ramping up the production of the Switch. Even in 2021, they could have sold 29-30 mil. instead of barely 25 mil. if there wouldn't have been chip shortages. The sales trajectory was clearly heading into that direction. Then come 2022 were they had to lower the sales expectations by 2 mil. because of chip shortages. I don't think that those 6-7 mil. people who wanted to buy a Switch but couldn't all just walked away (and bought a Xbox Series S/X, PS5 or something else instead) and never looked back. The majority of them is/was (some of them surely bought one in the meantime) still interested in the Switch.

The same is true for the PS5, just because it's trailing behind the PS4 doesn't mean it will not catch up/come close to it. It's simple, most of those who wanted to buy one but couldn't, still want one. Sure, some have bought a Xbox Series S/X instead but most probably in the later years of the PS5 many of them still will buy a PS5 as the exclusives are too tempting for them.