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Qwark said:

Good thing for China not for India. India is only a third the size of China.

Kind of. India actually sits on some of the most fertile land in the entire world as far as sources of food, water, and climate are concerned. That's part of why the Indian subcontinent has so many people living on it to begin with. It has the second largest amount of farmable land after the US. Most of China's population is crowded onto the Pacific coast because most of the country is mountains and arid plateaus. Its land is nowhere near as farmable as the land of India or the US.  China also has the same rapidly aging demographics as countries like Italy, Japan, and South Korea, only on a much larger scale. A lot of their resources are going to be tied up into taking care of hundreds of millions of elderly people. 

India's birth rate is also slowing considerably. A lot of its growth versus China is because its population is younger on average and there are more women of childbearing age. What will really be interesting is if Nigeria, a country not much larger than Texas, passes China in population as some projections show for the year 2100.

Last edited by SanAndreasX - on 19 January 2023