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Chris Hu said:

The Eagles, 49ers and Chiefs should all win easily this weekend. The Bengals versus the Bills is the only one that could go either way. I'm pretty sure the NFL wants the Bengals to win since I doubt, they want to have the AFC championship game at a neutral site.

I thought the AFCCG was gonna be played at a neutral site regardless if the Chiefs advanced (which they probably will). They were literally handed the #1 seed, so it's only fair even if they happen to be playing the Bengals who were never in play for the top seed in the AFC.

And the Bengals' already shaky OL is gonna be missing 3 starters, so the Chiefs should be the odds-on favorite to win the AFC. It's too bad because I've been pulling for the Bills to not only come out of the AFC, but win it all this year, especially with the tragic news of Hamlin (glad he's okay), but they've played rather pedestrian in recent weeks, almost losing at home to the Dolphins with their 3rd string QB.