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CosmicSex said:
Mar1217 said:

No freaking way, Forspoken got another point 👀

When you step outside of the hate echo chamber and just focus on the gameplay it's really fun.  I think gameplay should trump all.  So the gameplay is there but I have no idea what reviewers will say but the probably feel pressured to out hate each other lol.  The mains character is black too so there should be a lot of subliminal and passive aggressive hate from bloggers and YouTubers.  PlayStation exclusives are gonna get hate automatically as well so good luck on that meta lol.

I'm more of a person who weights the gameplay portion heavily when I do evaluate games but :

- Not everyone sees it on the same scale as we do.

- A game knowadays sum up more than just on its gameplay alone. So it's alright to not feel a game right if elements you love in games aren't respected in others.

Anyway, following the discourse, it's to say that the sole merit Forspoken has for itself is it's gameplay, though the other elements about the game, story, music, quest structure, it's world aren't exactly lauded for more than just a knee-jerk response to minority representation in video games.

To begin with, the ad campaign the game had so far is horrendous in terms of explaining why people should care about its existence. That lead to infamous memes and people not being as interested in the title they might've been originally.

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