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Unbelievable. The Giants really had no business being a playoff team this year, but they ended up handing the Vikings the first loss in a one-score-game this season.

I don't think I've commented on the Packers' loss that ended their season before. It was essentially a game that summed up their season perfectly. The offense too inconsistent and too often unable to finish drives with TDs, the defense unable to get stops when it needs to. That's how a game that the Packers controlled in the first half and could have been a two-score-game at the break happened to have a 3-point-difference. Then the third quarter approached the tipping point where it became increasingly more apparent that the Lions wanted the win more. As usual, Rodgers walked on the field with confidence when it was time for a game-changing drive, but as so many times before this season, the whole operation fell short.

On one hand it's sad that the Packers missed the playoffs, but on the other hand it was clear that they would have had to play in San Francisco. Exactly the NFC franchise that the Packers must have the worst record against in the Rodgers era, combined with suffering the worst beatdowns. It has been clear for a long time that this wouldn't be a Super Bowl year for the Packers, so one week more to play or not does not matter much. On that note, I doubt that any of the possible seventh seeds could have seriously challenged the 49ers in the wild card round.

Now it's going to be the usual offseason with question marks around Aaron Rodgers. He got such a fat contract that he basically has to come back. And I think he's too proud to end his career with a season where he couldn't even get one playoff game, so he will be back. This past year was certainly considerable worse than his previous two years, but at the same time I increasingly wondered what's up with Aaron Jones; that guy was basically a shadow of his former self, dropping too many passes and losing too many fumbles.

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