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Mar1217 said:

I mean aside from the numerous predictions of MK9 a 3D or 2D Mario game and Metroid Prime 4 as launch or cross-gen title. I'm surprised no one spoke of Monolith Soft which could be scheming any type of projects for the upcoming console, be it a new IP or anything Xeno related stuff.

They'll be instrumental in showing the prowess of the new hardware just like how they did with the Wii,WiiU and the Switch right now.

Also if the next system were to release during Spring 2025, I'd be expecting the next mainline 3D Kirby to be part of the game.

It depends on how far Monolith Soft’s other project(s) are coming along. This year, they’re planning to release more DLC for Xenoblade 3, which includes an expansion story akin to Torna: The Golden Country. Plus they still have staff helping out with Zelda and likely other projects within Nintendo’s other teams.

I’m curious as to what people think of potential third party games for the Switch successor? If it’s as powerful as rumored/leaked, would we see games like FFVIIR, RE4R, Street Fighter VI, or the upcoming Monster Hunter mainline game? Will CoD and Madden finally make a return to Nintendo consoles? What about modern GTA or RDR?