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Doctor_MG said:

Last year I predicted around 15M for PS5 and 9.5M for Xbox Series. Based on the numbers we have, I overshot PS by about 1.5-2M and undershot Xbox Series by around .75M-1M. Still, overall, my reasoning was sound. I believed there would be continued supply chain problems and that MS would eat into what Sony could produce more significantly than others may have predicted.

Still, I think this year the PS5 will fair much better, provided there are no huge economic difficulties. I'm thinking 18M. It seems like a major jump in comparison to what this year provided, but I think that there won't be significant supply issues this year. My second prediction is that this will be the first year that PS5 outsells the Nintendo Switch for the year worldwide.

I'd say the biggest question is did Sony learn from their prior statement of, we've broken even on PS5 already? 

If so, then you're probably more right than wrong since Sony recently said they're quite confident the supply issues are over.

If not, then we may be in for some minor or major lack of supply again, holding PS5 sales back yet again.

The other question than being, is Sony just saying this so people who've been waiting for a PS5 don't just say, screw it, I'm getting an XB instead?

Supply has improved quite a bit recently, so I would guess it's more likely Sony has better thought ahead this time and is being more honest than not.

Last edited by ConservagameR - on 12 January 2023