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FormerlyTeamSilent13 said:

I honestly prefer if Metroid Prime 4 releases on Switch 2 because I want it to be ambitious. Although I always enjoyed the Metroid Prime series greatly, they are a bit dated at this point where something like Bungie’s Halo 2 or Halo 3 is not dated at all to me. We got that nice cutscene with Samus speaking Chozo in Dread, but I think Metroid could really use full fledged cutscenes like a Final Fantasy game. Gameplay wise I also want a decent framerate and exploration in the world maximized to a better degree than past Prime games. I believe putting the game on the original switch might not make for the best product, but I know this could make many disappointed if its a switch 2 exclusive. I’m a bit nervous for the game especially with how Metroid doesn’t sell that well compared to other mainline Nintendo franchises.

I'm confused by your comment. The other Prime games came out on GC and Wii. And they still look great today (not sure why you say they are dated). And this is like 15-20 years later...the Switch is wayyyyy more powerful than GC and Wii. I don't understand why you are saying because you think 15-20 year old games feel dated that would have anything to do with a brand new Prime game. Also, same with the full fledged cut scenes thing...what about the Switch makes you think it can't do cut scenes?!

Honestly, the best thing Nintendo could do for Prime 4 is release it on a system that has sold >130m systems when it releases.

Still though yea Prime 4 being a launch title on Switch 2 rather than coming out on the Switch is a possibility sure, I just hope its not the case. And I don't at all understand your reasoning because GC/Wii games have nothing to do with putting Prime 4 on Switch.