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Sogreblute said:

Nintendo always had the Japanese market except during the PS2/Gamecube/GBA days where it was even. I'm seeing a lot of people saying that the reason the Switch is dominating is because it's a handheld while PS4 and PS5 are home consoles. No, I don't believe that is the reason. Playstation has been on a decline in Japan after the PS3 and PSP days. PS4 sold 1 million units worse than the PS3 and the PS Vita sold 1/3 of the PSP sales. If Japan was all about that handheld gaming then someone explain why the PS Vita sold 6 million in comparison to the PS4's 9.4 million. Sony making a new handheld system isn't going to suddenly make them relevant in the Japanese market, because the PS Vita showed that even with a handheld system Playstation is just losing relevance. The PS5 will be no different. It will sell worse than the PS4. I'm predicting lifetime sales will be 6-7 million.

you say that when japan was the only place where the vita was relevent in the first place despite the horrible first party support it got.

sony doing that is also probs why japan would probably not trust sony with another handheld unless it comes out the gate with a bang.

Sony squanderd their vita fanbase while nintendo, with thier as much of a failure wii U kept on giving content to the thing even though finantially it would have probs beeen better to cut their losses, bulding up faith, faith that probs  paid off with the high initial adoption rate for thw switch.