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Just Finished: Super Mario World (NSO)

I start off another year by playing a 2D Mario game. This is the last of the classic 2D console releases that I had not played before. While it is less of a leap in game design than Super Mario Bros. 3 was the gameplay feels tighter and more refined. Yoshi is of course the major addition here. He is fun to use and its nice  to see how this gameplay mechanic that became so essential to the franchise got its start. I breezed through the game although some Ghost levels and stages in the forest of illusion gave me trouble and I got stuck at times. The evolution of the visuals is nice to see with the colors more vibrant and the artwork better defined. I think I used the cape powerup the most. The music is also very catchy. I was struck by how few names were in the end credits. It is amazing how so many great games could be made by just a handful of people back in the early days. Unless Nintendo releases the Super Mario Land games from Gameboy on NSO soon there aren't really any more 2D Mario games for me to play other than Mario Maker, which I don't plan on. I guess I could always try Yoshi's Island...

Score: 8/10

Full Completed 2023 List:

  • Super Mario World (NSO)

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