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And of course, Netflix has cancelled 1899.

Netflix is making a lot of concerning moves lately.

  • Constant price increases despite turning a profit, cracking down on password sharing.
  • Cancelling 1899, a show from two of their best original creators (Baran & Jantje, Creators of Dark).
  • Losing Mike Flanagan to Amazon, I don't care if Midnight Club was only okay or w/e, Mike is Imo the best horror show creator right now, Midnight Mass, Bly Manor and Hill House were great. I also read that the reason for all of Midnight Club's ridiculous jump scares was because Netflix kept pestering to put jump scares into his shows.
  • Barely promoting Alice in Borderland S2, Sonic Prime, Dragon Age Absolution, Midnight Club, etc.
  • The Witcher IP is basically destroyed, that spinoff sounds absolutely awful and nobody is going to watch The Witcher after Cavill leaves.

They do have a lot of shows I still like but they barely promote them so who knows how long they'll last too...The Sandman for one feels like it's either going to be massively cut in budget or never reach Season 3 considering how much uncertainty there was about it even being renewed for Season 2...At least that one isn't owned by Netflix so if they cancel it, Gaiman can shop it elsewhere.

They'll lose Stranger Things eventually which is fair, it has to end at some point, but it feels like they're screwing up on many of their other IPs or Creators which will just make it easier for someone like Amazon to snatch them from Netflix as they did with Flanagan...Writers will stop pitching to Netflix and instead pitch to Amazon, Apple, etc. Not HBO Max because they're utterly useless but maybe Paramount can carve out a decent market.

Rant over unless I remember anything else that Netflix has done lately that has annoyed me, Lol. Hopefully Baran & Jantje join Mike over at Amazon...The Sandman will hopefully be picked up by Amazon as well when Netflix inevitably cancels it.

Edit - Apple seems to be a good option for creators right now as well, unfortunately, I don't have Apple TV+

Last edited by Ryuu96 - on 02 January 2023