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I mean it's still on track to make around 2 billion dollars. Sad to think that it's only been out not even 2 weeks yet (During the holiday season) and already blew past the 1 billion dollar mark making nearly 100 million per day and it might be seen as a disappointment, financially.

I mean I originally estimated it would hit 1.2 billion, but that estimate was like in 2012 or something right after Avengers came out. with how much people hated the first one (Well, the extra shitty online contingent), I figured there was a chance it wouldn't even hit 1 billion, with the first being an aberration. but no, this one's gonna settle on around 2 billion, and I'm okay with that.

Personally, I loved it more than the first and am 100% on board for whatever comes next. I really loved what got set up for the future.

I just find it so hilarious that James Cameron has such a hate-boner for Marvel and other superhero movies yet The Way of Water reminded me in many ways of Marvel movies (a strong core narrative with enough questions to entice you to see the next one), but Endgame in particular (Length, the distinct 3-act structure with tonnes of sci fi shit and action and a proper blend of emotion and callbacks).

I keep hearing about this culture war between Marvel fans and Avatar fans, but like, I don't think I've actually met someone who was into one but not the other. Most of the communities I hang around that discuss movies are happy for both. I dunno, I just think it's all quite silly. I loved both, personally, and I'm glad that marvel continues to do well and so does Avatar (Even if it might not live up to the expectations JC has for it.)

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