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Played Horizon, Demon Souls, Elden Ring and Cyberpunk on it. Really seems like a level over anything else in gaming so far. Their open world are gorgeous and load seamlessly. Fast loading times allow fast traveling to no longer being a pain. The controller is really ergonomic and I just love the adaptive triggers and all shenanigans

I've tried a couple of PS4 games on it and they run really beautiful. Lightning, textures, framerates, everything is high quality

I appreciate how easy was to migrate my library. I'm going to always buy a new Playstation if they allow me to keep my games every time a generation changes.

However, hardware and software prices are insanely high, PS4 games used to be 200 BRL at launch just 3 years ago, now they are staggering 350 BRL. Not to say the hardware itself is so damn expensive, it's costing about 3.5 times a Series S. And with each game on Playstation costing more than 13 months of Game Pass I'm considering delegating the PS5 only to the AAAA third parties and getting a Series S as a low cost option for gaming once my backlog is cleared