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The Packers did their homework, but the first half sure had me worried. Not only did the defense give up two huge pass plays, but the special team's fake punt was very risky to begin with and then poorly executed. Good thing was that the defense could recover a fumble which the offense took advantage of to get within 7 points of Miami before halftime.

The second half was a big improvement by the defense which led to Miami missing a long field goal and ending its three other drives with interceptions. Meanwhile, the offense remained a mixed bag and didn't score as many points as it should have been capable of, but it was enough in a game where the Packers took many chances on fourth down and had the guts to play playoff football right from the beginning instead of cowardly playing it safe.

The Packers are still ranked 10th in the NFC just like three weeks ago, but their fortunes have improved tremendously since then. Back then they were three wins behind a playoff spot, coupled with competition from the Seahawks and Lions who were eyeing the same spot. Now they are only one win behind while being in control against the Seahawks and Lions; with two wins they'll pass the Lions by way of playing against them directly, and the Seahawks by means of the better conference record. So the help they'll need is either at least one loss by the Commanders or two losses by the Giants. I'd say the schedule of these two teams doesn't mean much, because both of them are capable of losing to almost anyone.

But as always, the Packers must first win their own games for anything else to really matter. Next up: A home game against the Vikings, the kings of winning close games. They are 11-0 in one score games and have a 12-3 record in total. Their only safe win happened against the Packers in week 1 of this season. A bad omen? I'd say this doesn't mean anything. For one, that was ages ago in football terms, and two, it was week 1 which regularly produces outliers. I am more worried about the Packers themselves than any of their opponents, because yesterday only reinforced how inconsistent both the offense and defense typically play.

This year's Packers aren't a good team and would normally not deserve a playoff spot, but when you look at this year's NFC as a whole, there are only four teams you'd call good anyway: Eagles, Cowboys, Vikings and 49ers. That's why there would be nothing to apologize for, if the Packers snuck into the playoffs. They won't be the only mediocre NFC playoff team in case that they qualify.

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