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There was lots of hate for the Expansion Pack when it first came out a little over a year ago. But with more N64/Genesis games now, the initial N64 graphical bugs fixed, and some included DLC, it is a great deal now.

I finally got the Expansion Pack yesterday and I am loving it.

So far been mostly enjoying the new MK8D tracks and Fzero X....speaking of which, man FZero X holds up so well after 24 years! Such a great game still after all these years. It's a real shame Nintendo won't make another FZero.

Also started playing through Banjo. It hasn't held up quite as well as Mario 64 but its still decent. After Banjo I'm going to tackle Majora's Mask because I never finished that game back in the N64 days.

A lot of quality gems in the genesis library as well though I haven't started playing any of them.

Who else is loving Switch Expansion Pack these days?