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The reason why you forget things while high has been elusive to scientists for centuries and the whole world secretly wants to know, and aren’t saying it because they’re ashamed! I said it, ashamed not to know. BUT!!! I have a theory! (PS, I love RPG music). Here it is:

When your brain time is stretched way the fuck out, the thought you just had occurred a long time ago (it might as well have been months, if not centuries) and you’re already bored of it.

I will do this theory like Thomas Malthus, who predicted that we were all going to die of starvation at some point because the amount of potatoes we can grow will eventually be outstripped by population growth. That’s right! He believed people would be fucking all the time and making babies! He didn’t believe in the condom, mostly because I don’t think it was invented in his time. Fucking and making babies! Babies would be everywhere! Anyway:

Postulate #1 - that brains have their own sub time that occurs different than the regular earth.

Postulate #2 - that cannabis is the main thing that stretches time out (making it longer) more than anything known to humanity and the main thing in getting you high if you’re smoking it, munching it down a successor component with edibles, or drinking the new water soluble nanoemulsions.

Postulate #3 - I made bread.

Assertion #1 -  people forget things while high .

Assertion #2 - I know the reason why, because of time stretching

Premise #1- people get bored.

Conclusion #1 Because postulate number 1 and 2 are factual, l time will take longer.

Conclusion #2 Because time took longer, if Premise 3 is correct, then the thought will be forgotten in the dark cloud of boredom.

Conclusion #3 Therefore people forget because they got bored of the thought after it occurred way longer ago than the relative time reality to an untoxicated person.

So premise 3 needs to be tested, since premise 1 and 2 happen I think it’s OK not to 

I’m testing it right now and everyone else should too. So we’re just testing the premise, that people get bored. Smoke weed and see if this happens a lot when time stretches out when you’re high. Then see if you forgot to do shit and got lazy and sat back on the couch eating corn chips instead of doing the shit you promised to do. Well, the corn chips part doesn’t have to happen, but it happens.

Last edited by Jumpin - on 09 December 2022

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