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RolStoppable said:
SanAndreasX said:

Still, it definitely seems like the Enix "half" of the company thrived while the Square half deteriorated. Which honestly makes sense. The "merger" was more correctly Enix, which was larger pre-merger, buying Square. 

I have a hard time remembering what Enix has done beyond Dragon Quest and all its remakes and spinoffs when it comes to IPs that are still active, but nevertheless, there's no doubt that Squaresoft has gone south. Although I'd say that their decline hasn't been as severe as many say, but that's because I don't hold their output from the 1990s in high regard.

Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile were originally Enix IPs.  NieR's predecessor, Drakengard, started development under contract with Enix during its acquisition of Square, and was originally conceived by an Enix producer.  Dragon Quest has benefitted somewhat from a broader western distribution. I believe that it was also Enix management that were largely responsible for the rapprochement with Nintendo, which is Dragon Quest's strongest supporter in the West.