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Doctor_MG said:
mZuzek said:

Debatable. But even then, they have the excuse of multiplatform development, across different generations too. The game looked gorgeous on PC and ran mostly well. Pokémon is an exclusive, it has no excuse.

I'm not excusing Pokemon. Just saying Cyberpunk on Xbox One and PS4 was in a very bad state both graphically and glitch wise. 

It was, but my point wasn't so much the technical side of things, I meant more as in how the game is presented. Cyberpunk was very glitchy and sometimes looked hideous on PS4, but you could still tell it had a strong art direction somewhere in that mess. Pokémon on the other hand, you watch the opening and it's just, what the hell is this... Caps lock text everywhere written in the most generic font imaginable, weird transitions from 3D scenes to poorly pre-rendered 2D images, with aliasing and all, the music goes back and forth between different themes seemingly at random. That whole intro is a hot mess and it's not because of glitches, that's what I mean.

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