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eva01beserk said:
Ryuu96 said:

Working on the project? Lol.

You aren't entitled to see their project until they want to show it, you've gone from a development argument to a marketing one.

Yes we are. If they are selling you a box with the promise of games coming soon and then they go MIA. We have a right to complain that we where sold a lie. Not me of course, I stopped believing as soon as Phil came in. 

So on the marketing point. You trying to say they pulled an anthem? They had nothing and the dev team was unaware of what marketing was showing? Whos fault is that then? Is the marketing department separate from MS? 

Nobody said those games would be coming "soon". They gave no time-frame or date. Nobody lied like you are making it out to be. I would rather the studios be heads down getting the work done than wasting time on tech demos to show progress if they still have years of work to do. Last year was good, this year is not, and next year will be great. Time to move on already. 

You are asking questions only those actually working on the games can answer, yet you continue to ask us. Its obvious you are antagonizing at this point.