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KratosLives said:

I thought ausralia would have been a much bigger market

ausralia is a small market made up of one man and his dog and the dog is the gamer, now it's near neighbour Australia while bigger only services 25 million people  but according to Sony during the PS1/2  era it had the highest per capita PlayStation sales in the world, and PlayStation Australia Head at that time Michael Ephraim stated he used that fact when talking pricing with Japan to keep games pretty much on par with the US, but present day Sony see Australia and Oceania as a captive market that they can exploit and funnily enough that exploitation has in the case of new release games lead me away from digital back toward boxed games.

It is now common to find new release first party boxed games $30.00 au under the $109.00 au retail price for example I bought both boxed PS4 versions of Horizon Forbidden West and GT7 For $79.00 each with the $158.00 total being a saving of $60.00 au on both and upgraded them using the free PS5 upgrade.

Now if I had simply bought both PS5 versions it would have set me back $258 for the pair instead of the $158.00 I spent so a  saving of $100.00 on those two  games, someone's making money and I wonder who could that possibly be?

Last edited by mjk45 - on 11 November 2022

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