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Isn't this the week of the Call Of Duty bundle for PS5? It should of easily been over 200K that week in the US alone. It was exclusive to PS direct but they had to have had over 100K stocked.

Same for the week with God Of War release and PS5 bundle. That's a huge week too. Bigger than COD. No way PS5 will only sell 100K that week. Come on now.

What's funny is that this site expects me to believe Xbox sold as much as PS5 in the US COD bundle week. The pre order was available for weeks up until release and stayed in stock for another week until it sold out. Some things just doesn't add up. Xbox is significantly overtracked on this site.

Can't wait to see sales week of God Of War. You know......the week of this holidays biggest game and has a PS5 bundle. Sony also held back 3M PS5's to sell this holiday.

Formerly ilovegirls69  :(