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twintail said:

Yeah, sorry it seemed like I was suggesting you were wrong in saying the PSVR2 was expensive. 

I mean,  I agree with you that it is. I was just making a comment that there are other VR headsets in the same tech range that are higher. 

Sorry, I hope my comment didn't come across the wrong way.

No no, not at all. I think you were both, perfectly polite, and right in pointing that out about the price.

It is weird. For a time I thought the industry lost some of its excitement. I am almost exclusivly on playstation. But TLoU part 2 did nothing for me. Ghost of Tsushima was alright, but did not set my world on fire. Same with Days Gone. Creation in media molecules dreams is too complicated for me. Miles Morales felt like more of the same. Death Stranding turned out to be a bit of a dud. The ps5 was supposed to be this new leap forward. And it fell a bit flat for me.

When I really think about it, the coolest newest, most exciting part of gaming was the release of psvr. I will never forget the deep dive thing with the cage in the ocean as one of my first vr-experiences. Rescue mission and resident evil 7 are legendary to me, just because they were such a blast in VR.

We are firmly in the land of diminishing returns. But for me, come february 2023 the new generation really starts.