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Eagle367 said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:

I hope for the Tories that they can recover somewhat from the damage Truss has done to the party. The latest poll shows the Conservatives at just 14%, a mere 3% above the Lib Dems. In the younger Demographics, they even drop down to just 5% (25-49) or 6%(18-24) and it's only the 65+ age group that really keeps the party alive with 19%:*.12

It also shows that a Boris II Electric Boogaloo would have some popular support: He's second in the preference only 3% behind Rishi Sunak, and Penny Mordaunt is distant third at just 5%.

I don't hope so. They suck. I hope they self destruct.

Labour needs some bit of a counterweight, lest they'll feel untouchable and their policies will become shitty. Hence why I just said somewhat: Enough to make some opposition so Labour's success won't go to their heads, but not enough to become a real contender anymore.