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Jumpin said:

A general election would be a good way to answer the question.

The only ones who can call for an early election are the tories, and considering their polls, they certainly won't do that. They also can't elect a new leader because the elected one is untouchable for an entire year by Tory rules. They would either need to change the rules or abdicate by herself so she can leave with some dignity instead of getting pushed out.

But either way, that would just bring us another Tory leader. And considering how the trajectory went from Cameron > May > Johnson > Truss, I actually fear what will come after Truss in that scenario.

SKMBlake said:

You need to truss her

I can't, I have severe Truss issues about her.

Pemalite said:
SanAndreasX said:

So the pound has sinking, Kwasi Kwarteng got the boot, and the approval rating for the Tories is in the 20s. Liz Truss has been PM since September 6.

Does Truss resign after less than two months in office? If so, who replaces her? 

I find it strange that after all the drama from the last conservative leader... (Boris) that the country would elect another conservative leader?
Is the alternative, that bad over there?

Genuine question as I don't generally follow British politics.

It was an internal election of the Tory party, they just elected the leader of the party. But since the outgoing party leader was also the PM, the one who ended up elected would also become PM, even though nobody outside of Tory officials had voted for her.