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It's the every few months update, with data as of September 29th.

The only changes were for Minecraft (whose Xbox One sales were previously underreported) and The Last of Us, which move up from #20 to #19 with its PlayStation 5 incarnation.

Looking at the rest of the year, no Western game looks likely to enter this list. That said, certain games are likely to do reasonably well in Japan. Mario + Rabbids sold over 210k in Japan, so its sequel should also do pretty well. Call of Duty has had a rough few years in Japan, but considering how games as recent as Black Ops 4 got onto this list, Modern Warfare II should still be worth keeping an eye on.

Looking into the more distant future, nothing looks incredibly likely to enter the list. That said, Japan is willing to eat up Nintendo-published games developed by studios like Next Level and Retro, so keep an eye on them. Also remember that if Grand Theft Auto 6 is ever released, that is almost certainly going somewhere on this list.

Love and tolerate.