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gtotheunit91 said:
Soundwave said:

I'd be pretty floored if this thing is just $350.

Probably $399.99 minimum, could even see $449.99. 

The way to position it so as to not get into a $250 3DS launch situation is to just sell it as a premium addition to the Switch hardware family and not the start of a new product brand entirely and let it just be a bonus to whatever regular Switch units you sell for a few years. 

I was thinking more Nintendo not positioning themselves the way they did with the New 3DS. Where it had better hardware and played all DS/3DS games, but it had some exclusive games. Not that the list was that extensive, but what a kick in the balls it was. 

Yeah, this is why I don't think there will be a Pro Switch.  Nintendo isn't going to sell MK9 as requiring a Pro Switch and leave 120,000,000 current switch owners out in the cold.  Nintendo will continue to leverage the current Switch's success.  


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