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Chrkeller said:
Soundwave said:

I don't think that's how chip agreements work. Nintendo either has to pay Nvidia upfront for all the R&D cost of this chip or probably even more likely there is a royalty fee per unit that Nvidia expects, meaning Nintendo has to start selling a certain number of these chips possibly in 2023 as an pre-agreed upon price per unit. 

Because Nvidia has their own internal profit targets they want to hit and they have planned for, just saying "well we don't need the chip so we won't pay you for another year or two" isn't likely going to fly. If you paint someone's house because you're expecting that money to help pay your bills for the month, I don't think you're going to be OK with the person paying you trying to say "well I actually didn't need my house painted this month so let me pay you next year". 

Given the 300k units of 10 year chips Nvidia is selling weekly...  I'm sure they are willing to work with Nintendo.  Look I hope to be wrong.  I am ready for a major Switch upgrade.  I just don't believe it is happening anytime soon.  

From Nvidia's POV, they likely gave Nintendo a sweetheart deal on that Tegra X1 design because the X1 was a relative failure based on their expectations of it being in many kinds of tablets and devices like that. 

So likely they have more incentive to want this newer chip to become the standard sooner than later because they likely will make more money off this one. 

If it makes you feel better I don't think Nintendo themselves will be moving projects from the current Switch any time soon, so at best for Nintendo games all this new model is going to give is a resolution bump with maybe some RT added on if Nintendo feels like it.