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Ryuu96 said:

He has leaked part of the source code which is just a dick thing to do, now the source code will have to be reworked and likely cause delays to the game and a whole headache for the GTA team, he not only fucked over Rockstar but also us, I hate leaks like this.

A part of the source code doesn't sound too bad, depending on which part it is. If source code for rendering the game is leaked, for example, there might not be that much need to rewrite it. But if it's something that could e.g. make cheating easier, it might be a different story. Does anyone here know what parts were leaked?

Ryuu96 said:

Also, I've read but not confirmed that he said he might leak the entire source code later and he also takes responsibility for the Uber hack. This dude is absolutely fucked if Take-Two finds him.

...Now leaking the entire source code for the game is a massively different story, and that certainly sounds like a huge headache.

Last edited by Zkuq - on 18 September 2022