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kirby007 said:
super_etecoon said:

@Ryuu96 all good points, but just wanted to clarify that the z in chartz wasn’t to be cool. It was because vgcharts was already taken by another website. It may not be now, but it definitely was at the beginning.

And nextgenwars with the autoticker that kept updating every serveral seconds/minutes

Definitely had forgotten about that. Which really captures the zeitgeist of the time. Again, with all three basically launch aligned (360 with a nice head start to add to the competitiveness of the race) it was exciting to see each go head to head. And the race was beyond entertaining. I don’t know if there will ever be an alignment that allows for that kind of parity again. Of course, this current match up between Series and the PS5 will certainly be compelling once the component shortages are resolved. At this point, though, and I think it’s the most important point, all three manufacturers have shown they can survive in the ecosystem, even during dark times. That takes some of the intensity away from the fight. In 2006 we had recently witnessed a competitor leaving the market. I just don’t see that as a possibility these days.