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From industry analyst Daniel Ahmed

He says 117.2 million but the last Official number was 117.00m as of March 31, 2022.

From Sony Interactive entertainment Buisness data and sales page, just says more than 117m but no mention of 117.2m.

     *Sales data on PlayStation®Vita are not disclosed

So PS4 is now dead in terms of hardware sales and will not be surpassing GB/GBC and finishes as the 4th best selling videogame hardware ever

(soon to be 5th). It was a gigantic success and put the Xbox brand in it's place after being challenged by the XB360 in the prior generation.

PS3's peak year was 14.30m, the PS4 had five years higher and outsold it by around 30m units.

Last edited by ShadowLink93 - on 28 August 2022